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New Jersey Labor and Employment Law Attorneys Meeting All Our Clients’ Business Law Needs

Apruzzese, McDermott, Mastro & Murphy concentrates its practice in the following areas to best serve the firm’s business and government clients and help them thrive in a world of rapid growth and change. To speak with a member of our team about how we can help you with your legal needs and goals, call 908-580-1776.

Administrative Law – Administrative agencies pass rules and regulations to help carry out laws passed by Congress and the New Jersey legislature. These rules and regulations are as enforceable as any law, and administrative rulings often have a more direct, immediate and greater impact on local businesses than the statutes enacted at the Capitol do. Our attorneys provide advice and representation in New Jersey administrative proceedings concerning business and commercial law, corporate law, employment law, environmental law, real estate and more.

Appellate Advocacy – An appeal is not another opportunity to try the case again; rather an appeal must be based on specific error at the trial level and argued appropriately. The attorneys at Apruzzese McDermott are skilled at reviewing the trial transcript, researching grounds for appeal, and fashioning a persuasive brief that puts forward our client’s position as petitioner or respondent in a forceful and compelling manner. Our trial skills and experience further aid us in identifying trial error and advocating effectively in oral argument before the an appellate panel of justices.

Arbitration & Mediation – The firm’s attorneys are able advocates in the courtroom, at the bargaining table, and in alternative dispute resolution settings such as arbitration and mediation. We maintain an active ADR practice in the settlement of both public and private sector disputes, as always with a strong commitment to our clients’ interests, no matter what the forum.

Business Entities & Transactions – The choice of business entity or corporate structure is fundamental to establishing a business and impacts vital interests such as taxation, liability, ownership and control, and business succession. The business lawyers at Apruzzese McDermott advise clients on available and appropriate business structures and perform the necessary activities to establish a legal business entity on a solid footing. Our attorneys are here for the life of the business and assist in the negotiation, drafting or review of business and commercial transactions from day-to-day operations to major, structured deals.

Civil Litigation – Our experienced courtroom attorneys work quickly and strategically to resolve contract disputes, business tort claims, construction disputes and other civil matters. From pre-suit discussions through trial and appeal, we make sure out clients’ rights and interests are protected as we work toward a resolution that meets their goals and objectives in the litigation.

Civil Rights Litigation – Apruzzese McDermott defends school districts, municipalities and other political subdivisions and government agencies facing allegations of civil rights violations or other misconduct. The firm’s civil rights practice encompasses claims based on Section 1983, Title VII, the Fair Housing Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination and more. Apruzzese McDermott assures the right of school districts, prisons and public housing authorities to serve the public while respecting and valuing individual human rights.

Civil Service – The firm handles hearings and appeals regarding examination, appointment, promotion, discipline, removal and other matters involving police officers, fire fighters, correction officers and others in civil service. Our lawyers are experienced in matters before the New Jersey Civil Service Commission as well as appeals to the New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division.

Collective Bargaining – This firm started out in 1965 representing public sector and private sector employers in collective bargaining and other labor issues. Today the firm continues this tradition, representing private healthcare systems, public education and the state of New Jersey itself in negotiations with employee organizations.

Commercial Law – The commercial law practice at Apruzzese McDermott is geared toward helping companies maintain compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations in areas as diverse as licensing and permitting, taxation and employment matters. The firm engages in negotiation of transactions and litigation of the full range of business disputes, from breach of contract and business torts involving consumers or competitors to business insurance coverage and claims.

Corporate Law – Our knowledgeable and experienced corporate lawyers provide sound legal advice and professional representation from corporate establishment and governance to the resolution of officer and director disputes. We help maintain compliance with state and federal regulations and represent companies in dealings with SEC and FTC regulators at the administrative agency level or in court. We represent companies in mergers, acquisitions, takeovers and other corporate actions.

Education & Higher Education Law – Apruzzese McDermott represents school districts as well as colleges and universities throughout New Jersey in the full range of education law issues, including special education law, Title IX gender equality, student discipline, due process, First Amendment issues, and more.

Employment Law & Litigation – Our employment law practice includes the resolution of employment discrimination and harassment claims at the internal level or through proceedings before the EEOC, the DCR, or in state and federal courts. We represent employers in wage and hour matters, and negotiate, draft and enforce employment agreements including non-compete and nonsolicitation clauses, protection of trade secrets, and more.

Government Law – Apruzzese McDermott provides advice and counsel to municipal administrators and boards in a host of legal matters, from day to day operational issues and employment matters, to regulatory compliance and fulfillment of obligations under open meetings and open records laws. The firm engages in risk management discussions and provides representation in litigation as needed.

Labor Law – The firm maintains its strong, historical focus on labor law matters in public and private sector employment. We handle minimum wage and maximum hour (overtime) claims, FMLA and USERRA issues, ERISA claims, and labor-management relations including collective bargaining, adjustment of grievances, and allegations of unfair labor practices.

Real Estate, Land Use and Zoning – Apruzzese McDermott assists businesses of all sizes throughout New Jersey with their real estate needs, from simple to complex leasing arrangements and purchase and sale transactions to resolution of real property title and boundary disputes. Our firm’s experience in municipal government law makes us well-placed to handle land use and zoning matters, including requests for licenses, permits and variances.

Wage and Hour – The firm’s wage and hour attorneys help employers stay in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations governing payment of wages, overtime and exemptions, and other requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act and New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

Workplace Investigations – Our lawyers help companies draft and implement feasible, legally-compliant policies to investigate allegations of misconduct in the workplace, including discrimination and harassment complaints, suspected employee theft or drug use, vandalism, workplace violence and more. Conducting a proper investigation and acting appropriately on the findings are key to maintaining a safe, healthful and productive workplace, and avoiding company liability for employee misconduct toward other workers, customers, etc.

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